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Inspired by Emily Dickinson
Fri Jan 27, 2017 9:56am

By: Charles
Inspired by Emily Dickinson

I’m Charles!
Who are you?
Are you Charles too?
Oh, your different,
Could we be a pair?
We have different color hair!
But that’s ok,
We could still be friends and share!

  • My First Plane RideCharles, Fri Oct 28 3:02pm
    My First Plane Ride By Charles It all started very early in the morning. My dad was treating my sister, Andrea, and me to breakfast in the city. We ended up at a dinner that was busy, but it was... more
    • PreyCharles, Fri May 19 9:15am
      Prey Inspired by Rudyard Kipling By Charles Oh hush thee my baby The prey is nearing Then we strike and bite This will be helpful If you do not believe Then you will starve tonight That is our dinner ... more
    • The Tree HouseCharles, Fri Apr 21 2:38pm
      The Tree House by Charles “Hey, that’s my cookie!” said Timmy. “No, it isn’t,” said Bob. “Yes, it is,” said Timmy. Timmy was your typical pesky younger brother. “Hey kids,” their dad said, “Do you... more
    • Protect the EarthCharles, Mon Mar 20 1:49pm
      Protect the Earth By Charles The Earth is our mother So why don’t we give back She gives us a lot She gives us the warm summers and the cold winters We should clean her up Because she is our mother.
    • Schools Should Not Make Kids Wear UniformsCharles, Thu Mar 9 1:54pm
      Schools Should Not Make Kids Wear Uniforms By Charles “Honey,” my mom screams up the stairs. “Your uniform isn’t finished washing. So you might be a little late for school today!” “My teacher will... more
    • PeaceCharles, Mon Feb 6 1:08pm
      PEACE By Sam and Charles All people in creation Shall be equal in kindness Be peaceful to others You can make glory Make no war Make peace
    • Inspired by Emily Dickinson — Charles, Fri Jan 27 9:56am
    • OceanCharlies, Fri Jan 20 11:16am
      Ocean by Charles Sitting by the ocean Sitting by the sea My mom calls me in Oh wait that’s not for me
    • Re: My First Plane RideCharles, Wed Dec 21 1:29pm
      Inspired by Emily Dickinson By: Charles I live deep in the ocean, Way out in the sea I have no muscles, Which is key. I can’t walk, But I can float. Sometimes I get caught With the fish on a boat I... more
    • Man's Best FriendCharles, Wed Nov 2 12:49pm
      Man’s Best Friend A dog A creature A pet Loves to lay in the sun on warm summer days A dog A creature A pet Pants when in the sun on warm summer days A dog A creature Man’s best friend By Charles
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