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Schools Should Not Make Kids Wear Uniforms
Thu Mar 9, 2017 1:54pm

Schools Should Not Make Kids Wear Uniforms
By Charles

“Honey,” my mom screams up the stairs. “Your uniform isn’t finished washing. So you might be a little late for school today!”
“My teacher will give extra homework because I’m late!” I shout back.
Schools should not make kids wear uniforms. After all, kids should have the freedom to pick what they want to wear. Otherwise, they will all look the same and won’t have the chance to be unique. Uniforms would also be a huge hassle for parents. Did my reasons change your mind yet? If not, I recommend you to read the rest of this essay.
First, kids should have the freedom to pick what they want to wear, because clothes can express who they are. Kids can also express what they learned in school. All the girls in my class today wore pink bows in their hair, because they learned a new word, coquettishly, which means you like to be prim and proper, and also a bit playful. Clothes show you what kids are into, and what they like. If a boy is wearing a jersey you can tell that he likes that team. For example, Rahmel, a boy from my class, always wears a Panthers’ jersey, so I know he likes the Carolina Panthers. It also shows that he is unique and that leads me to my next reason.
Kids should not be forced to all dress the same! A synonym for unique is different, but if we all wear the same uniform, we can’t show our differences! If Twin Day was every day, that would be a little boring, don’t you think? A uniform doesn’t allow students to show their interests or to be individuals. Even their shoes and socks are the same! Boring! That’s absurd!
Now that you know why kids should get to choose their clothes, you should also know that uniforms are a huge hassle for parents. First, parents need to purchase the uniform. Where do they purchase the uniform? Well, your parent can’t go to closest Target or Macy’s. They have to go to a special store that might be far away and not have good hours. Then, every day the parents have to have get outfits washed and ready for school. Without a uniform, you can wear any outfit that you own. Parents won’t have to do laundry as often if kids can wear their own clothes.
Well, that wraps it up for my essay. Hopefully schools will read these points and think twice before making kids wear uniforms.

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