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The Tree House
Fri Apr 21, 2017 2:38pm

The Tree House
by Charles
“Hey, that’s my cookie!” said Timmy.
“No, it isn’t,” said Bob.
“Yes, it is,” said Timmy. Timmy was your typical pesky younger brother.
“Hey kids,” their dad said, “Do you know what? Give me that cookie!”
“No!” yelled the kids as the dad took the cookie.
“Go play outside!”
“Ohhhhh, alright,” mumbled the kids.
“Fine, let’s make a deal. I will give you another cookie if you go outside and play.”
“Fine,” the kids said as they stomped out the door. Timmy slammed the door on their way out!
“That was all your fault,” announced Bob.
“No it wasn’t. You were the one who started it!”
“Know what, let’s just play outside like dad said,” said Bob.
“Oh hey guys, what are you guys playing?” said John as he and his friend, Charles walked over.
“Mind your own business,” Timmy said sarcastically.
“Hey, stop Timmy. John was just asking a question. Don’t take it out on him because you are mad at me. Just ignore him, John. Come on over,” Bob said. “Let’s go play war in the tree house. John and I will attack the tree house, while you and Timmy defend the tree house.”
“Wait! What are we going to use for weapons?” asked John.
“That’s easy. Everyone collect pinecones. After each of us has about thirty cones, we can begin,” announced Charles.
The boys used buckets to collect their pinecones. It only took about twenty minutes for each boy to collect his share.
“Man your stations, boys!” announced John.
Timmy and Charles climbed the ladder up to the tree house. When Charles saw the inside of the tree house, he asked, “Is this safe? A lot of this wood is rotten.”
“As safe as a vault,” declared Timmy.
“Let the battle begin,” Bob announced.
“Ha-ha got you Timmy,” John said.
Soon, the boys were throwing pinecones at each other. It looked like snowball fight, but with pine cones. John whispered to Bob, “Let’s separate. I will take the back, you take the front.”
Timmy ran to the back wall of the treehouse. He banged into the wall with all his weight. Just then, all four boys heard a loud crack. The back wall gave way. Timmy had fallen out of the tree house.
“Oh no! Timmy fell,” screamed Bob.
Bob’s scream was so loud that their dad heard and came running out of the house. The first thing he saw was Timmy laying on the grass. Quickly, he checked to see if Timmy was breathing. “Timmy!” he yelled. “Timmy, wake up!”
Finally, Timmy woke up. His dad checked him to make sure he didn’t have any cuts or broken bones. Luckily, he had landed on a pile of leaves.
“Okay boys. That’s enough playing for one day. Come inside and I will make a whole new batch of chocolate chip cookies.”
The boys yelled in unison. “YEAH!!!!!!!!”

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