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Mrs. Slater's Gone Missing!
Mon Apr 24, 2017 1:38pm

Mrs. Slater’s Gone Missing!
By: Sabina

One day while at Lower Gwynedd Elementary School, Mary and Lila were walking to lunch. The girls chatted about their hard math homework, and the terrible lunch menu. It was hamburger mixed with egg with a side of maple syrup. YUK! Suddenly, they noticed an elevator near the third grade hallway.
Lila said to Mary, “Hey that looks new; do you think that is where they were doing that construction?”
Mary responded, “I think so. What do you think? Should we give it a try? Look, there goes Mrs. Slater! Let’s follow her.”
The girls quickly ran down the stairs to catch the elevator. But when the door opened the elevator was empty! Where was Mrs. Slater? Lila stepped into the elevator and saw something shiny on the floor.
“What is this?” said Lila. “Oh no! This looks like Mrs. Slater’s very shiny wedding ring.”
Lila and Mary did not hesitate. They scooped up the ring and ran to the principal’s office. But when they got there, Ms. West wasn’t anywhere in sight. Next, the friends went to Mrs. Brooks and told her the story of Mrs. Slater’s disappearance. Mrs. Brooks could not go and help because she was alone in the office. She said to them, “Go to lunch and I will look for her in an hour or so.”
After lunch, the girls headed to the scene of the mystery. Suddenly, they saw a large storage box in the elevator with a mysterious shadow behind it.
Lila whispered, “Is that weeping I hear?”
Slowly they tiptoed behind the box and saw Mrs. Slater crawling on the ground, searching for something.
“What are you doing, Mrs. Slater?” asked Mary.
“Oh girls it’s you. I am looking for my wedding ring. I was going down to the basement and my ring fell off of my finger and I didn’t realize it. I never leave the house without it,” said Mrs. Slater.
“Oh I forgot. We have your wedding ring. We followed you downstairs but you were not there,” said Mary.
Mrs. Slater said, “By the way, thank you for finding my wedding ring, it is very valuable to me.”
“No problem. But we have one question. Where is Ms. West?” asked Lila.
“She took off today, to take care of her sick French Bulldog. Didn’t you hear that on the announcements this morning?”
“We sort of weren’t listening,” said Mary to Mrs. Slater.
Mrs. Slater then said jokingly, “Didn’t I teach you girls to pay attention?”

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