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Tue Oct 24, 2017 12:45pm

Written by Kelley Inspired by Robert Frost

On a cold winterís eve
Snow flying Ďround
Itís so thick
You canít see the ground

In the midmorning
Itís like a haze
Quiet as ever
Lost in a daze

Lightly the snow came
Starting to accumulate
On the hard ground
Snow covered the gate

Cold as ever
Hard to believe
Not one person would go out
On a cold winterís eve

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      • THE HARP IS MINE!BRANDON!, Tue Mar 6 1:42pm
        Kelley (A.K.A., Norb), I really love the story. If I could change it, well I wouldn`t change it but I would really like the part about the Oompa Loompas. VERY GOOD! VERY GOOD! VERY GOOD! VERY GOOD!... more
      • Re: The HarpGabriel, Tue Mar 6 12:49pm
        Great story I like the part when Riley said "Oh now you tell us" and I also like the part when Matthew disappears
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