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Fri Oct 27, 2017 1:50pm

The flowers are blooming
Birds are singing
Butterflies visit daisies
Time to fly a kite

Play in the water
Build sandcastles
Ride the speedy roller coaster
Time to go to the beach

The sky is darkening
The leaves are turning colors
Colorful leaves are falling
Time to jump in the leaves

The snow is falling
The grassy land is no more
Sledding in the snow
Time to build a snowman

    • SoldierMargaret, Fri May 11 12:31pm
      Soldier By: Margaret Soldier Professional, vigilant Protecting, Fighting, Listening Guardian, honor, power, warrior Freeing, protecting, respecting Survive, sacrifice Avenger We honor you. Thank you... more
    • The EarthMargaret, Fri Mar 16 2:35pm
      The Earth Margaret I love the trees as much as much. I love the animals such and such. The crickets jump on the grassy grass. The frogs leap in the Lilly pad pads. The water goes up, up, up. The... more
    • The Mystery of the VinesMargaret, Tue Mar 6 2:54pm
      The Mystery of the Vines By: Margaret Im going to the park, Mom! exclaimed Victoria. Take Peach with you. You know how much she loves the park. Besides, I have to go grocery shopping, said Mom... more
    • WinterMargaret, Thu Dec 21 1:43pm
      Winter By Margaret Snow is falling down Children are building snowmen A blanket of snow
    • Live Your DreamMargaret, Thu Dec 21 12:34pm
      Live Your Dream Inspired by: Edgar Allan Poe By: Margaret I have a shack Its under the sea It makes me As lonely as can be I have a cave That I am excited to see Its by a lake Music plays for me A... more
    • seasonsAshley, Tue Dec 5 4:40pm
      I think that is a really good poem. It has a lot of details of the seasons. Your title sounds calm and very interesting. - your friend Ashley F.
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