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Thu Nov 9, 2017 11:12am

By Keath
Inspired by Robert Frost

The flowers bloomed and blossom
Beside a towering willow tree
In a noiseless field of green grass
Flies a lonely bumble bee

In the summer
It’s a hot sunny sky
With hot tempertures.
It’s a sign that the animals have returned.

No matter how beautiful it is,
My horse totters.
All there is are whispering
Winds and showering rains.

However, winter comes
And there shall be
A covered white blanket of snow.
But no flowers.

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    • HaikuKeath, Fri Dec 15 11:22am
      By Keath Mckelvey Rustling colored leaves Rippling waters throughout my sight Calming sounds and flowers
      • Re: HaikuCaiden, Thu Dec 21 8:59pm
        I liked the rhythm a lot.
    • Please read this Good friend Jayden, Fri Nov 17 6:57pm
      Keath I think that you did really good on your poem and My favorite season it summer!!
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