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Fri Dec 8, 2017 1:18pm

By Evan
Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe

I am entreating
To be beating
The ghouls in this war
I find them deep under my door

I want this to surcease
I will do it with ease

The ghouls want to see a torrent
Strike my house
And drown me like a mouse

They will kill me
They will drill me
Why is it me?
Why canít it be he?
It is a mystery undefined

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    • Ghouls — Evan, Fri Dec 8 1:18pm
      • Re: GhoulsCaiden, Fri Dec 22 11:10am
        I thought your rhyming was GREAT.
      • AlisonAlison, Fri Dec 8 5:33pm
        Cool poem! I like it!
    • Evan please read thisBest friend Jayden , Fri Nov 17 7:05pm
      Evan great job on this poem and the other ones.Also football is my favorite sport!
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    • A footballAshley, Fri Oct 20 5:08pm
      I like all the details in this poem. I like all of your poems.
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