Wed Dec 20, 2017 2:07pm

By Gael

A transparent blob,
An orange bell with tentacles
Stinging prey with shocks

  • AbandonedGael, Thu Oct 26 2:56pm
    Abandoned By Gael Inspired by Robert Frost There is a subway train, Undisturbed and rusted from the rain The windows are broken Only the freight cars remain Now it’s covered with cobwebs and weeds... more
    • Brave FighterGael, Fri May 11 2:03pm
      Brave Fighter By: Gael Brave soldier protecting us from attacks Hero will guard our country’s people Fighting in brutal conditions Never leave a man behind Strange and scary places Comrades to the... more
    • SummerGael, Wed Apr 25 12:18pm
      Summer By Gael It’s hottest time of the year Time to let off steam You’ll melt if you don’t cool down Time for pools and ice cream You feel like a baked potato But you will survive the heat Try going ... more
    • The Earth We LoveGael, Fri Mar 16 1:16pm
      The Earth We Love! By Gael We love our Earth because it’s full of life, And even though disasters occur, We love its rocky surface, Burning hot or freezing cold, Everyone loves Earth and its place in ... more
    • The House on Maple StreetGael, Wed Feb 28 2:10pm
      The House on Maple Street By Gael “I need a screw, battery, hammer, and flame thrower,” said John. Jim said, “We’re almost done! This is going to be the best adventure ever!” “I just need to tighten... more
      • Gael Please read this messageGabriel, Tue Mar 6 1:32pm
        Dear Gael, This story is AWESOME! For instance one of the parts I like is "I need a screw, battery, hammer, and a flame thrower" well it's pretty silly, who needs a flame thrower for buling stuff.... more
        • dudegabriel kim, Tue Mar 6 2:47pm
          dear Gabe, you spelled building wrong and i also like your story. i like the Hi ready part and the DOOOFFUS part i'll stop here for now from your bud GAEL
    • Jellyfish — Gael, Wed Dec 20 2:07pm
      • Re: JellyfishCaiden, Thu Jan 4 8:21am
        I like how you wrote " Stinging prey with shocks ".
    • The HospitalGael, Wed Dec 20 1:59pm
      The Hospital Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe By Gael Ghosts are moaning and haunting The hospital of the insane They bring revenge to all who enter Those who enter will feel great pain The halls covered... more
      • Re: The HospitalEvan, Wed Jan 3 7:38am
        I think your poem is great and very dark.
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