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Fri Dec 22, 2017 12:35pm

By Jack

Cool air blowing leaves
People walking in the park
It is wonderful

  • A Long HikeJack, Fri Oct 27 1:22pm
    A Long Hike Inspired by Robert Frost By Jack As I go out a low voice said, ďOh, a crow told me to tell you To hike in the forest Where the red roses grow.Ē The red roses grow by the red wood tree I... more
    • A SoldierJack, Fri May 11 11:26am
      A Soldier By:Jack A Solider Smart, strong Helping, protecting, fighting Helping the country Warrior
    • WarriorsJack, Fri May 11 11:25am
      Warriors By:Jack Men of valor, women of honor Proudly, these brave guardians protect our nation They pause their lives to defend us, yes sir Men of valor, women of honor Heroically, they fight for... more
    • Earth DayJack, Fri Mar 16 1:45pm
      Earth Day By: Jack We only have one Earth Letís make it last Please donít let it get trashed We only have one Earth Letís make it last Keep Earth clean We only have one Earth Letís make it last Earth ... more
    • I Know Why the Weeping Willow WeepsJack, Tue Feb 27 1:36pm
      I Know Why the Weeping Willow Weeps By: Jack One day Sally went to the library to get a book. When she got to the library she picked out a book with a magical cover. The librarian, Mr. Linden, said,... more
      • I Know WhyThe Weepping Willow WeepsKeath, Tue Mar 6 2:08pm
    • Fall — Jack, Fri Dec 22 12:35pm
    • GoneJack, Thu Dec 21 1:09pm
      Gone By Jack Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe There used to be a man But he had died It was an accident His friends cried He fell dead When he got hit by a blade As he lay in his coffin A monody was... more
      • Re: GoneCaiden, Sat Dec 30 1:24pm
        I LOVED it! It's VERY scary.
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