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A Strange Day in July
Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:39pm

A Strange Day in July

By: Keath

“Bobby, did you see that?” said Jim.
“See what?” asked Bobby.
“I skipped that pebble, and it came skipping back to me.”
“Get out of here!” laughed Bobby.
Jim threw the tiny, odd pebble again. The pebble kept skipping back.
“Throw it harder,” exclaimed Bobby.
This time, Jim chucked the pebble with all his might. The two boys stared in amazement. Bobby said, “Give it to me; I can throw farther than that.”
Bobby chucked the pebble as far as he could. It came back. The boys’ jaws dropped open.
Just then Mom called, “Time to go boys! Pack up your stuff.”
“Awwww Mom Can we stay just a little longer?”
“No, Bobby. You know the rules. I call one time, and you and your brother, come running.”
Frustrated, Jim squeezed the pebble. “I wish we could stay out here longer,” Jim mumbled.
Just then Mom said, “You know what, it’s a beautiful day. Let’s stay longer.”
The boys kept trying to throw the rock farther. It didn’t matter how hard, or far they would throw, the rock would come skipping back.
After dinner, Jim was sitting on the porch examining the pebble. Just then, Jim’s school buddy came walking down the street with his dog, Spike. Jim wished he could have a dog, but he knew his family couldn’t afford a dog.
“I wish we had more money,” Jim said to himself.
Inside, Jim heard the phone ring. He heard his mom scream in a high pitched voice.
“Are you kidding me? Seriously? Oh my goodness. Yes, Yes. Of course, I would love that position. How much of a raise? Oh my! I can’t believe it. Thank you so much! I have to tell my family the news. Thank you. Goodbye.”
Everyone came sprinting into the kitchen. Jim asked Mom, “What happened?!”
“I got an amazing promotion at work!” Mom yelled.
“Mom, that’s great! Congratulations!” both boys yelled.
“You know what this means, boys. You are getting that black lab you have been begging me for. Now, it’s late. Off to bed. We will talk more about it tomorrow.”
It was at that point that Jim realized the pain in his hand was coming from clutching the pebble so hard. He got ready for bed, and placed the pebble carefully on the night stand.
The moment Jim woke up, he reached for the pebble. It was gone! Jim looked everywhere. Under the couch, under the covers, under his bed, and even outside. But the pebble was not in any of those places.
Jim knew the pebble was gone forever. Jim was on his way to tell Bobby what had happened, but before he could, a ball of black fluff was bounding up the stairs. “Meet Bella!” Mom announced.

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        I liked the rhythm a lot.
    • Please read this Good friend Jayden, Fri Nov 17 6:57pm
      Keath I think that you did really good on your poem and My favorite season it summer!!
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