The Harp
Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:51pm

The Harp

“Jack,” my dad called, “it’s time for bed.”
“Okay,” I called. After I was all ready, my dad came in to tell me a story.
“Legend has it,” my dad started, “deep in the forest there is a magical harp.”
My eyebrows rose.
“It only plays when…”
Suddenly Riley jumped up on the bed and my dad and I jumped!
“Continue the story,” I said
“Oh my, it’s hours past your bedtime,” he said.
“But the story,” I pleaded.
“Sorry,” dad said, “may be another time.”

The next morning I knew exactly what to do. I leashed up Riley and we were ready to go!
“Riley, I’m bored,” I complained. We had been walking for what seemed like forever. We kept walking deeper and deeper into the forest.
Suddenly Riley stopped. Her ears perked up. That’s when I heard it, a beautiful sound. I knew it was the harp. It was hard to hear the harp because the river was as loud as thunder. Then I saw something on the other side of the river! “No!” I said in disbelief. “It couldn’t be; it was the harp!”
The silver harp was glinting in the sunlight. I could see the tiny strings vibrating back and forth. I was jumping up and down with excitement. Suddenly, Riley started tugging on the back of my shirt. That’s when I noticed how late it was. I promised myself I would come back tomorrow and get the harp.
Riley and I got home just in time for dinner.
“Where have you been?!” dad yelled.
“Riley and I went exploring,” I answered.
Well, at least you’re back now,” he said.

The next morning I got ready to go find the harp. I couldn’t wait to show my dad that the myth was true. Before I left, I got Riley’s leash and tried to attach it to her collar. Riley refused to go. I kept telling her, “Come on Riley; let’s go.” She just growled and stayed were she was, so I went without her.
“This should be the right spot,” I kept telling myself. “The harp was just on the other side of this river.” I looked everywhere for the harp, but the harp seemed to have disappeared. So I had to walk home empty handed.
Riley was barking loudly when I got home. Soon she realized I didn’t have the harp.
“Be quiet, Riley!” my dad yelled. “What’s up with Riley?”
“Riley and I found the harp yesterday. I just came back from trying to find it. I wanted to show it to you,” I explained. “Riley expected to see the harp when I got home.”
“It’s okay son, it’s just an old myth.”
“If you would have told me the rest of the story I would have gotten the harp!” I said disappointedly.
My dad sighed. “I didn’t finish the story because I was afraid you would try to find the harp, which you did, and I knew you would be disappointed,” he explained.
“Oh!!!!!” I said. “That makes sense. Wait! How do you explain what I saw in the woods?”
“It must have just been your imagination.”

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    • The Harp — Chloe, Fri Feb 23 1:51pm
      • I liked it.Caiden, Sat Feb 24 11:24am
        I liked how you said "Legend has it."
      • The HarpKristin, Fri Feb 23 5:11pm
        Great story Chloe. I couldn't wait to find out how it ended!
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    • Re: Soccerchole, Thu Oct 12 6:22pm
      i really like how you did speeding down a glistening grassy green field that was very very very awsome!!!!!!.
    • SoccerSteven, Mon Sep 18 8:01am
      really love it! captures the intensity yet simplicity of the game.
    • SoccerKelley, Thu Sep 7 12:41pm
      Chloe, I like how you used the words glistening and speeding.
    • SoccerMrs. Slater, Wed Sep 6 11:33am
      Chloe, I loved your poem about soccer. Keep writing!
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