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The Uninvited Guest
Mon Feb 26, 2018 1:18pm

The Uninvited Guest
By Evan

Thump, thump, thump. I was walking down to the basement to get some candy when I saw a tiny door that has never been in that spot before. Suddenly, the doorknob moved. A tiny green creature came out. I was scared.

In a high-pitched voice the creature said, “Ringdon the goblin has come. Ringdon the goblin has come!”

As if he owned the place, he strode right up to the living room. My eyebrows rose.

Then I heard my mom yell, “Cody! Why is there glue all over my head?”

The goblin smiled and laughed. He pointed to the glue bottle and laughed again. “Ha, ha he, he, she will never know it was me.”

“Don’t you see or hear that goblin?” I asked. “You know I would never spill glue on your head.”

“Stop making excuses,” my mom said. “There’s nothing there. Even if there was, what trouble could a little goblin cause?”

I tightened my lips and narrowed my eyes. I didn’t believe it! Mom didn’t see Ringdon, or whatever his name was!
After getting yelled at a few more times I went to bed. I dreamed none of this ever happened. I dreamed that the mysterious, tiny door didn’t even exist. I also dreamed of me skydiving while eating ice cream. If only there was some way to get rid of Ringdon.

When I woke up, I quickly ran to the basement. The tiny door was still there. No Ringdon yet. The door opened. I hid. I didn’t want to get yelled at again for doing nothing.

Ringdon walked in and started talking to himself, “Now, Ringdon must not let water hit Ringdon or Ringdon will give the boy a key that will lock Ringdon out of the house forever!”

That’s it! I thought quickly. Yes! I saw our hose. I sprinted over to the hose. I turned it on; I aimed and… “SPLASH!”Ringdon was all wet! He didn’t know what hit him! I smiled.

Immediately Ringdon pulled out a tiny, shiny, object. He said, “Here is your key.”

I walked Ringdon to the door and I said, “Bye, bye. Don’t forget, always be invited before destroying someone’s house.”
The End

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