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Mr. Linden's Library
Mon Feb 26, 2018 2:13pm

Mr. Linden’s Library
By: Brandon Furman

“I told you NOOOOOO!” screamed Mr. Linden.
“Mr. Linden, I am sure you mean well, but I am capable of choosing my own books,” I calmly responded.
Just then Mr. Linden reached across the desk and tried to grab the book.
I quickly grabbed my school bag and sprinted out the door. I could hear Mr. Linden screaming, “You’ll be sorry!”
After about ten minutes of screaming and running, I finally got to my apartment, locked the door, and sat down, exhausted.
I couldn’t wait to read the book, so I poured myself a tall glass of orange juice and brought the book to my bedroom. I started reading. The story amazing. I lost all track of time.
The voice of my mom startled me. It was like I was in a trance.
“Lucas, is that you? Its midnight! GO TO SLEEP!!!”
“Oops! I’ll go to sleep! Sorry!” I replied.

“You better be sorry! You’re grounded for a month! And that’s being very generous!”
I laid the book on my night stand. I couldn’t wait to finish it tomorrow. I only had ten pages left. I thought about reading with a flashlight, under the sheet, but my eyes were drooping.
I was asleep for about an hour before I heard a loud THUMP! My heart missed a beat. I bolted upright. I peered through my fingers as vines as long as trains came streaming out of the book. They starting making a hissing noise. Everything the vines touched sizzled and started burning. I screeched and backed up to my door. I slowly turned the handle. Just then, I heard someone banging on the other side of door.
“Open up!” Mr. Linden shouted. The vines slithered closer.
I stood frozen as the vines inched even closer.
“I can help you! Just OPEN THE DOOR!!!” he insisted forcefully. Now the vines were so close, I could feel the heat and smell the smoky air. Quickly I considered my options. I could A) not open the door and die certainly or B) open the door and probably kill us both. I chose the second option because he gave me the book.
“FINE!” I yanked the door open and Mr. Linden fainted dramatically right in front of me. Quickly, the vines curled around him and he disappeared. “WOW, VERY HELPFUL!” I screamed.
I looked down and I found a glistening sword where Mr. Linden had disappeared. I snatched it up and it started glowing. The sword glowed brighter and brighter until I couldn’t look. Finally, it exploded in a brilliant flash of bright light.
When I looked again there was no sign of the sword, book, or vines. Just a plain old bedroom.
I scream for my parents. They came running to my room. I tried to explain what had happened. My mom said I must have been dreaming. But I know that’s not what happened. Quite the opposite actually. From that day forward I never went to Mr. Linden’s library again.

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    • Mr. Linden's Library — Brandon, Mon Feb 26 2:13pm
      • Re: Mr. Linden's LibraryKevin, Tue Mar 6 12:47pm
        I like how you said I could A) not open the door and die certainly or B) open the door and probably kill us both. I chose the second option because he gave me the book.
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      • Re: The HotelCaiden, Thu Jan 4 8:32am
        I liked your rhythm.
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