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The House on Maple Street
Wed Feb 28, 2018 11:32am

The House on Maple Street
By: Kevin
“What is wrong with you?” I asked Jonathan.
“Nothing,” he said, in a very unconvincing voice.
“You have been acting weird all day.”
“Look Noah, if I told you, you wouldn’t believe me.”
“Jonathan, you are like a brother to me. Your parents took me in after my parents died in that car crash. Of course I would believe you.”
“I saw a pile of bones in the abandoned house on Maple Street.”
“Yeah right,” I muttered.
“See! I knew it. You don’t believe me.”
“Come on Jonathan, it was probably a dead animal. What were you doing in the house anyway? It’s not safe.”
“These bones were different. They were not man or animal, they looked like alien bones!”
I rolled my eyes. That was too much for Jonathan. He grabbed my arm and started pulling me toward the house.
“All right,” I said pulling my arm free, “I’ll go.”
I walked up to the window and looked in. I saw the bones that Jonathan was talking about.
“Dinner time boys,” yelled Jonathan’s mom.
“So Jonathan this will be our secret okay?”
“Okay,” answered Jonathan still looking weird.
“Are you okay Jonathan?” I asked.
“Yeah,” answered Jonathan.
So we walked inside for dinner. After dinner we talked about the house and what we saw.
“Homework boys,” said Jonathan’s mom.
We groaned at the same time. Jonathan’s mom gave us a sharp look. “All right,” I said quickly.
“I finished mine at school,” said Jonathan.
I went up to my room to finish my homework. It was going to take me forever to finish. I had four pages for math and six pages for social studies. Middle school is like jail. I was just about to start, when Jonathan walked into the room.
“Hey Noah,” said Jonathan startling me.
“What are you doing here Jonathan?”
“I’m here to talk about the house on Maple Street,” said Jonathan.
“Are you playing a prank on me Jonathan?” I stated. “Are you the one who placed fake bones in the house?”
“No, I’m serious. I want to talk about the house.”
We looked out the window, towards the house, and both of us were stunned. “Hey! All the lights are on in the house!” exclaimed Jonathan.
“That’s weird. Weren’t the lights off this afternoon,” I said confused.
“Yeah,” Jonathan said nervously
“I wonder how all the lights wen-“
Before I could finish my sentence, all the lights in the house suddenly went off.
“Did you see what happened?” I asked.
“Lights out boys. It’s time for bed,” yelled Jonathan’s mom.

The next morning Jonathan and Noah got dressed. They went downstairs for breakfast.
On the bus ride to school Jonathan and I were asking people about the house, but they didn’t know anything. After a long day at school I finally was able to talk to Jonathan on the bus ride home.
“Do you want to enter the house and see what’s inside?” I asked.
“Never!” Jonathan exclaimed.
“Do you want to go inside Noah?” Jonathan asked.
“No,” I answered calmly still startled by Jonathan’s answer.
That night, I saw something amazing. Smoke was pouring out of the bottom of house. Suddenly, the house fired off into the sky. It was like a rocket ship blasting into the universe.
I rubbed my eyes twice. Was I seeing things? Nope! There was the house flying towards the stars.
Jonathan and his parents rushed into the room. “What is wrong? Why are you screaming?” yelled his mom.
Without saying a word, I pointed to the window. They rushed to look out. With mouths hanging open, they stared silently. Together we watched the house soar into outer space. Soon, the house was too far to see. Still we stood at the window. For a while, no one talked. Finally, Jonathan’s mom said, “Should we call the police?”
Jonathan said, “You think they’ll believe us?”
I said, “That surely will be something I will never forget!”

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