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The House on Maple Street
Wed Feb 28, 2018 1:15pm

The House on Maple Street
By Gabriel

“Jessie are you ready to buy our first house?” James asked.
“I WAS BORN READY!” Jessie exclaimed.
“Hi, Ready. I’m JAMES!”
“Ha, Ha, Ha! REAL FUNNY JAMES!” Jessie said sarcastically.
James and Jessie had been searching for a house, when they heard about a shopkeeper selling his old home.
“Oh good, there’s the shopkeeper’s business. We’ve been searching all over town for it,” James said. James and Jessie walked in to the shopkeeper’s business nervously.
“How may I help you? Do you need a house or do you need renovations on your house?” asked the shopkeeper.
“We’ve heard you’re selling your old home. How much is it?” James asked.
“Well, you’re in luck! It was one hundred dollars, but for today only, it’s 50% off. So it’s only fifty dollars. Is it a deal?” asked the shopkeeper.
“Yeah it’s a deal!” James said.
So James handed the shopkeeper fifty dollars and the shop keeper gave Jessie the keys.
“I’ll send the directions to your phone,” said the shopkeeper.
James and Jessie carefully followed the shopkeeper’s directions.
“Look at that! This house is BEAUTIFUL! Why would anyone sell this house?” Jessie said.
“Let’s go inside!” Jessie yelled.
“Why is it so hot in here?” James asked.
“I don’t know. Why don’t you go check on the boiler? Man, why
Does this house even have a boiler,” Jessie said.
So James ran down to the basement and found a door to the boiler room. When he opened the door, he saw the control room to a space ship. “JESSIE! GET DOWN HERE!” James shouted at the top of his lungs.
Jessie ran down the steps and saw James staring at machines with strange dials. “What is this place?” Jessie said questioningly.
“It looks like a control room,” James said.
“It’s urging me to touch the big-red button that says ‘self-destruct,” Jessie said.
“Don’t press it, maybe something bad will happen,” James said.
“Well, you do make a point but, too late,”
“T-minus 20 seconds 5… 4… 3… 2… 1… lift off! We have lift off!”
It was a perfect lift off, but unfortunately, the house, James, and Jessie were never seen again.

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    • The House on Maple Street — Gabriel, Wed Feb 28 1:15pm
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        Dear freind, I like your story about the doofus and ready part. From your friend,Gael P.S, you spelled building wrong
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