The House on Maple Street
Wed Feb 28, 2018 2:10pm

The House on Maple Street
By Gael

“I need a screw, battery, hammer, and flame thrower,” said John.
Jim said, “We’re almost done! This is going to be the best adventure ever!”
“I just need to tighten these screws. Finished! John announced. John and Jim blew up the balloons, hung the decorations, and baked a beautiful cake for Makayla.
“Should we wake up Makayla?” asked John.
“No, let’s wait until we blast off” answered Jim.
“5… 4… 3… 2… 1… Blast off!” yelled John. The brothers stood with their mouths open. Their house was as loud as a train and it was flying toward outer space!
Makayla screamed, “JOOOOHHHN!!!”
John floated into the room. “What’s wrong?” he asked.
She said, “Am I in a dream or what?”
John said, “Actually, you’re in space!!”
“It’s just a dream. It’s just a dream. If I open the curtains- oh no, it’s not a dream!!!!”
Their house reached the asteroid belt and Jim said, “Asteroid coming this way, duck!!”
“Where’s the duck?” asked John. An asteroid shattered the glass of a window.
“An asteroid hit our window as loud as a bomb and you’re going let it fly in my moms’ house!!!?” Makayla screamed as her head turned red while steam was coming out of her ears.
“Relax Makayla, I’ll push the asteroid back into space!” said John.
She took cover as the asteroid flew around, destroying all the windows. Finally, after an hour of pushing, John got the asteroid out. They reached Saturn and Jim held a pineapple to one of Saturn’s rings while he said “Pineapple slices!”
Suddenly, the pineapple was sliced into three pineapple rings. Then, Jim turned the pineapple rings into pineapple bracelets. He gave them to John and Makayla.
They reached Neptune. While Makayla stayed in the house, Jim and John stepped out to Triton’s geyser. Then the geyser exploded into ice.
“Take cover. To the house!!”
They reached the house to take cover. After the geyser explosion, they reached the Kuiper belt. John caught an asteroid which had a smaller asteroid attached to it.
“This is your birthday gift!” said John.
“Why thank you, John. You guys are the best brothers a girl could have.”
A few moments later they reached the moon. John brought out a homemade flag with a house on it. “Since it is your birthday, Mikayla, you can poke the flag into the moon’s rocky surface. Here is a hammer.”
“Okay guys, it’s a great gift, but I think we should go home,” announced Mikayla.
“To Earth!” shouted Jim.
It took the brothers about an hour to make the repairs to the house. In the meantime, Makayla was placing the asteroid on her night stand. When she turned on her pink night light, she was surprised to see that the asteroid glowed a deep scarlet.
Suddenly, the asteroid shot out of the roof and flew off to outer space. Makayla screamed like a tiger saying, “JOOOOOOHNNN, MY GIFT!!!”
All three stood watching, as the asteroid disappeared into space.
The End?!

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    • The House on Maple Street — Gael, Wed Feb 28 2:10pm
      • Gael Please read this messageGabriel, Tue Mar 6 1:32pm
        Dear Gael, This story is AWESOME! For instance one of the parts I like is "I need a screw, battery, hammer, and a flame thrower" well it's pretty silly, who needs a flame thrower for buling stuff.... more
        • dudegabriel kim, Tue Mar 6 2:47pm
          dear Gabe, you spelled building wrong and i also like your story. i like the Hi ready part and the DOOOFFUS part i'll stop here for now from your bud GAEL
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        I think your poem is great and very dark.
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