The Two Chairs
Fri Mar 2, 2018 1:17pm

The Two Chairs
By Shieun

Deep in a forest, there were two kids, Rachel and Tim. The children had bracelets that allowed them to communicate with faraway places.
One day, when the two kids were skipping down the stone steps by the river, they saw two lonely chairs sitting next to the river. The chairs looked comfortable, so they decided to sit on the chairs because their legs were tired.
As soon as they sat on the chairs, the chairs began to rise. Both children were stunned as they saw the ground moving further away from them. WHOOSH! The chairs began to zoom through the air with Rachel and Tim safely seated.
The next thing Rachel and Tim knew was that they had zoomed to South Korea! THUMP! They landed on a cumulus cloud. “Oooff,” said Rachel as she fell off the chair.
And guess who fell face first? That’s right, Tim fell face first into the fluffy cloud.
“This cloud looks just like cotton candy!” shouted Rachel.
“Well, let’s see if it tastes like cotton candy!” announced Tim as he scooped up a handful of cloud. “Mmmmm, it does taste just like cotton candy. It’s supercalafragileisticexbealadotios delicious!!” said Tim.
Just then, the cloud thinned. Rachel and Tim slid through it, and began to tumble towards the ground.
‘’HEEELLLLPPPP!!’’ screamed Rachel.
“Ahhhhhh!!’’ yelled Tim
But luckily their chairs rescued them. Then all of a sudden... VROOM! Like a thunderbolt, the chairs flew east. The chairs landed near a big, beautiful mansion. Flying only a foot off the ground, the chairs entered the house. Once they were in the house, the chairs went in two different directions!
While Rachel and Tim were lost, two Korean house servants were taking a walk to see if there was any mail for the house owner, who was a really rich guy. As the servants were walking, they heard rocket sounds and then a squeak! Rachel’s chair stopped in front of the servants. Her heart was beating like a drum. She bit her lip and looked down at the servants. They tried to talk to her, but she did not understand Korean. She tried to ask them about Tim, but they didn’t understand her. So she floated somewhere else in hopes that she would find Tim.
Later, Tim floated up to the same servants. Tim seemed to forget that he was in Korea. The Korean servants started to make hand motions to him.
They made motions of a little girl riding a flying chair. The motions seemed very familiar to him. Suddenly, a lightbulb popped out of his brain! They were talking about Rachel! He tried to thank them, but he did not know Korean. So he made a motion to sign, “Thank you.” One of the servants pointed to the right, and Tim flew toward the right.
After two hours passed, Tim still did not find Rachel, so Tim used his magical communicating bracelet. Ten more minutes passed, and ZOOM! Rachel arrived. “Well, I think I have had enough fun for one day,” admitted Rachel.
“I agree,” said Tim. Both children flew home.
When they landed, they jumped off the magical chairs and ran to tell their parents about their adventure. The parents didn’t believe them, so Rachel and Tim brought them to the spot where they had left the chairs. However, there was no sign of the two chairs. Was it a dream?

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    • bunnyOlivia, Thu Nov 16 7:48pm
      I really like the way inspired Robert frost and it is so funny.
    • BunnyNora, Wed Nov 15 5:19pm
      I like how you said ''I saw its amethyst eyes glow''!!!
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