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An Elf!
Tue Mar 6, 2018 12:37pm

An Elf!!
By: Caiden

“Taxes, tasks, and jobs!!!” said Chris, who was in his home office working on his duties. Suddenly… he heard a thump. The sound was coming from his basement, but he dreaded going down there because it was dark and scary.
Chris snuck down the stairs silently. He was shocked that somebody or something had tidied up his basement. Not only was the basement neat, but there was a two foot moldy door where his fungus full sink used to be! Chris was just small enough that he could crawl through the door.
After he crawled through, he saw a huge open land with animals roaming on the grasslands, and a castle in the back of the land. He wondered how all this was in his basement and also, how had he not noticed the door?
He began walking down a meandering path that led to the castle. He finally arrived at the castle. He opened the door, went inside, and closed the door with a big crash! Then two guards came in; they were colossal and armed with a spear. “Freeze!” they said together. Chris froze like a statue when they said, “Freeze!” He ran all the way back to the little door, bashed it in, and then laid down on the couch at home, very frightened.
The next day, he went back to the moldy door, and returned to the castle. But this time, he closed the door gently. The two guards didn’t hear the door slam. Chris walked down a hall and then, he saw a small creature with long ears. For a second, he looked away at a picture of a King named Rick. When he looked back, the tiny creature had vanished! He turned right and opened a door and he saw the same creature again.
“Who are you?” asked Chris.
“I am Mortal, the house elf,” Mortal replied.
“Why are you a house elf? What is a house elf,” asked Chris.
“A house elf is an elf that has to serve someone forever and wear a pillowcase to show a house elf’s slavery. I serve King Rick,” said Mortal. “I hate serving him.”
“Is there something I can do to help you?” asked Chris. “Actually, yes. If I become your slave, you can free me, and I can go back to my elf civilization,” said Mortal.
“That’s a great idea!” said Chris.
“But, before you can free me, I have to grant you three wishes,” Mortal added. “If I could have three wishes, I would ask for a good paying job, a very nice castle, and I would want you to clean my castle once a week,” Chris said.
“I promise!” said Mortal.
King Rick didn’t notice Mortal had left until he called for him and Mortal did not respond. King Rick barked, “MORTAL!!!” So, Mortal, the free elf, had a great life living with his fellow elves. And as promised, once a week, he would clean Chris’s castle, leaving King Rick to do all of his own cleaning.
The End!!

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    • An Elf! — Caiden, Tue Mar 6 12:37pm
      • The ElfAunt Erin, Thu Mar 15 9:47pm
        You are quite a story teller! I had no idea you could do this! Keep writing, Caiden. I like to write too. Love, Auntie Erin
      • Hmm...Very InterestingMom, Sat Mar 10 4:38pm
        Caiden, you always surprise me! Please, keep writing. love, Mom
      • I loved it!!Caiden, Tue Mar 6 1:36pm
        It was amayzing how Chris freed Mortal.
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      • Re: A GhoulEvan, Tue Dec 26 11:04am
        Thank you for the comment and your poem is AWESOME.
    • Loved it!Mom, Sun Nov 26 9:07pm
      I really liked how you described each season.
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