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Re: The House on Maple Street
Tue Mar 6, 2018 1:04pm

Dear Kevin,

This story is REALLY mysterious for instance in the story it said "These bones are diffrent. They where not man or animal, they looked like alien bones!" and it was a really big mystery when the house flew off. The mystery in this story is the best, I'd favorite
this story 100 times if they did allow favorites.

Keep up the good work

  • The House on Maple StreetKevin, Wed Feb 28 11:32am
    The House on Maple Street By: Kevin “What is wrong with you?” I asked Jonathan. “Nothing,” he said, in a very unconvincing voice. “You have been acting weird all day.” “Look Noah, if I told you, you... more
    • Re: The House on Maple Street — Gabriel, Tue Mar 6 1:04pm
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