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The Mystery of the Vines
Tue Mar 6, 2018 2:54pm

The Mystery of the Vines
By: Margaret

“I’m going to the park, Mom!” exclaimed Victoria.
“Take Peach with you. You know how much she loves the park. Besides, I have to go grocery shopping,” said Mom in a pleading voice.
Victoria yelled, “Peach is old enough to stay by herself.”
“She is only seven,” yelled her mom. “But, I guess you are right. Peach, will you be a good girl while mom is at the store. I won’t be long.”
“I’ll be okay, Mom. I am just going to read my book.”
Victoria hopped in the car and turned on the radio. Happily, she started singing.
As she was walking around in the park, she wondered why nobody else was nearby. Suddenly she realized it was March 2nd, 2018! Just yesterday, the internet said that a horrible, dangerous, and scary mystery would unfold on March 2nd. She yelped and started running toward the car. Then, she remembered her little sister, Peach. She was worried that Peach was in danger and ran even faster.
Victoria had the gas pedal pushed to the floor. When she got home she ran as fast as a cheetah up the stairs. She was exhausted but she still ran as fast as she could. But when she saw Peach, she calmed herself down.
“I want to hear a story before I go to bed,” said Peach. Together, they walked to Peach’s room. Victoria pulled a book out of the shelf. After she read the story, Peach was sound asleep. Even Victoria fell asleep. While she was sleeping, she had a dream. Suddenly, the dream turned into a nightmare.
In her dream, Victoria was in bed and the book that she had read to Peach started shaking. Something was coming out of the book! Vines! Vines were coming out of the book and were tying Victoria up until she couldn’t breathe. Peach was not in Victoria’s dream.
When Victoria woke up, she was panting and sweating. But the scariest moment was when she realized that Peach was gone!
Victoria heard noises downstairs. She ran downstairs screaming for Peach at the top of her lungs. She looked everywhere, but Peach wasn’t there. Victoria screamed as loud as she could. “PEACH!!!!!!!!!!!”
Peach yelled back, “I’m in the bathroom.”
Victoria went back to Peach’s bedroom. She was shocked to see vines growing out of the book. Just then, Peach walked in. Quickly, Victoria grabbed Peach and hid in the closet. Suddenly, the door locked, trapping Victoria and Peach! The last thing Victoria saw were vines coming under the door.
When their mom came home, she called to the girls. Since no one answered, she went to Victoria’s room and found a book. Then their mom opened the book and saw a picture Peach and Victoria both trapped in the book. No one heard or seen Peach and Victoria even again!

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