Uninvited Guest
Thu Mar 8, 2018 1:42pm

Uninvited Guest
By Angelina

There is a family of three people, moving into a haunted house, but they didn’t know that it was a haunted house. They didn’t want to leave their old house, but the lease was up and they had to move. The next day they left for the new house.
When they got to their new house, Justin heard some footsteps coming up the basement stairs. Then he saw a dark figure with red eyes, smiling at him. He was totally creeped out! “MOM,THERE IS A FIGURE COMING UP THE STAIRS!”
His mom said, “Where? I don’t see anything. I think you’re seeing things.” OR WAS HE?
Dad said, “Can you please go get some more boxes, Justin?”
“Yeah, I’ll go get some more boxes, Dad,” Justin said, as he rolled his eyes.
A little later Mom yelled, “Dinner time!”
After dinner, mom and dad tucked Justin in bed with his teddy weddy bear.
As his mom kissed him good night, she said, “AWWWWWWWW, SO SWEET! Justin Teddy McMann. You are the cutest thing in the universe! Now you go to sleep.’’ She shut his light off.
Justin was trying to sleep, but then he heard something scary. He was too scared to get out of bed, so he laid under the covers with his eyes wide open. He couldn’t stop shaking.
The next day, Justin was exploring the house. When he entered the basement, he saw a door that he hadn’t noticed before. Next to it was a key. He unlocked the door and entered a very tiny room. Suddenly, the door slammed shut behind him.
“HELP!!” screamed Justin loudly.
His parents ran to the basement. They could hear Justin’s voice coming from behind the door. They tried to open the door, but it was locked. The dad looked around and finally found the key. They got Justin out of there. Justin was so scared that his heart was pounding very fast. He passed out! His mom quickly got a towel and soaked it in cold water. She gently laid it on his forehead. Slowly, Justin came to. The family realized that the little room was actually a safe.

For the next month the family was very busy fixing up the house. All the paranormal activity had stopped.
One day, Justin’s parents had to go to the store. Justin wanted to stay home alone. Suddenly, he heard banging coming from the basement, so he ran out to the car. After a couple of minutes, he said, “I can’t be afraid.” So he went back inside the house and then downstairs to the basement. The noise was coming from behind the small door. Justin opened the safe door. He expected to see the dark figure, but he saw a cute little bunny and said, “How did you get in here?”
When Mom and Dad came home, they heard Justin downstairs. They went downstairs and said, “Justin, why do you have a bunny in your lap?”
“Let’s just say we have an uninvited guest. I heard banging coming from the safe, and when I opened the safe door, this bunny was there,” said Justin.
The next day everything was fine. “OR WAS IT!” said the dark figure.
This is the story of the uninvited guest.

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