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The Harp
Thu Mar 8, 2018 1:54pm

The Harp
By Nora

“Ding!” went the recess warning bell.
“Recess is almost over,” Julia groaned. “Hey George, can you tell us another story?”
“Sure, recess is almost over, so I’ll just tell you about a place called the Mystical Forest,” said George.
“Yay!” shouted all the kids.
“Okay, in the Mystical Forest there is a portal. In the portal there is a harp that plays by itself!” said George.
“I want to go!” said Petunia.
“So do I!”
“Me too!”
“Count me in!”
“Slow down, slow down,” said George.
The kids went silent.
“I will only take one of you, and since Petunia asked first, I will take her.”
“Awwwwwwwwwww!” everyone said.
George turned to Petunia and said, “Let’s go after school. I have a map!”
“Sure!” exclaimed Petunia.
Three hours later….
“Finally, school is over!” said George.
“Are you ready to go?” asked Petunia.
“Yup,” said George.
After going miles and miles they finally got to the Mystical Forest and found the portal.
“I see the portal!” exclaimed George.
“Let’s go!” said Petunia.
“On the count of three,” said George.
“One, two, three!” shouted George and Petunia.
“Wow! Look at this place!” exclaimed Petunia.
“Oh no!” said George. “The wind took the map away. Don’t let it get away!”
“Hey, look I see the map! Wait, it doesn’t have the harp on the map!” yelled Petunia.
“Shh, hear that; that’s the harp,” whispered George.
“It’s getting louder!” whispered Petunia.
“Wait, do you see that. There! It is the Harp!” yelled George.
“So it’s really true,” Petunia said softly.
“Well, it’s almost night in our world, so we better get back home,” George said looking at his watch.
“Okay,” Petunia sighed.

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    • The Harp — Nora, Thu Mar 8 1:54pm
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      Spring is the best! Good poem Nora
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      Cool poem, Nora! I choose spring, too
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