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The House on Maple Street
Fri Mar 9, 2018 8:38am

The House on Maple Street
By Max
BANG!!! “What was that?” Bob yelled as he got out of bed. The house felt like it had blasted into space, but when Bob went outside, the house was still on the ground.
The next morning, the same thing occurred. Bob was getting very cranky.
After the third morning of being woken up by the bang, Bob decided to investigate.
He went down to the basement, and saw something unusual. Someone had installed a huge rocket machine. That explained the bang that Bob heard.
He uninstalled the rocket machine and returned it to the store. He asked the cashier how the rocket got installed to his house.
The cashier said, “Oh, we’re sorry. We meant to install that on your neighbor’s house.”
Bob said, “I barely could sleep because of that thing!”
“Oh, we are really sorry, Bob,” replied the cashier.
As Bob walked home, he realized he had made a mistake. He should have kept the Rocket.
Later that day, he found out on the internet that the rocket was worth $10,000. So he had a plan. He planned to steal one. If he was caught he would be sent to jail.
The next day, he walked to the store and it was closed. That was part of his plan. He quietly broke into the store. His plan was going as planned, until he set off an alarm. He ran out of the store, but unfortunately, a security camera had spotted him. It took no time for the police to find him. Soon, he was sent to jail.
After that, he stuck with his alarm clock and never planned to steal something again.

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