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A Strange Day in July
Fri Mar 9, 2018 8:57am

A Strange Day in July
By: Jervaughn

“That was a great throw. It skipped four times,” said Robert.
“I know,” said his sister, Nikki.
“Watch this,” said Robert as he threw a rock with all his might. “Wow! Look at my rock. It’s skipping back to me.”
Unfortunately, by the time Nikki looked at the rock, it had already landed at Robert’s feet.
“Stop lying, Robert,” said Nikki. “There is no way that rocked skipped back to you.”
“I’m not lying. I’m telling the truth. It skipped back to me!” yelled Robert. “Watch!” Robert said as he picked up the same rock and threw it again.
This time the rock skipped seven times, and still came skipping back. Nikki stared in amazement. “I told you!” said Robert.
“This must be a magic rock. Let’s see if it will grant us a wish. Can I have a PS4,” said Nikki. The rock got hot so Nikki dropped the rock. As soon as the rock touched the ground, a PS4 appeared. “Yeah,” said Nikki. “My own PS4.”
“Let me play,” said Robert.
The children played with the PS4 for a while. “I know. I am going to ask it for an iPhone,” said Robert as he picked up the rock. Again the rock got so hot that Robert had to drop the rock. An Iphone appeared.
“This is great,” Nikki said. “I am going to ask for a brand new Apple computer.” The rock began to get very hot. Nikki dropped the rock and at the same time a computer appeared. “What else can we ask it for?”
“Maybe we shouldn’t ask for anything else,” said Robert. “The rock already granted us three wishes.”
“I just want to ask it for a dog!” yelled Nikki.
“Nikki, if you ask for one more think, everything might disappear!” exclaimed Robert.
“No, it won’t. Magic Rock I want a dog!” Suddenly, the rock began to get cold. It began to feel like an ice cube. It was so cold Nikki dropped the rock. As soon as the rock hit the ground. All the things disappeared.
“I told you they would disappear,” Robert announced.
“Ohhhhhhhhhh Noooooooooo!” Nikki cried. “Everything we had disappeared.”
“Well, I think the rock was trying to teach us a lesson. It was teaching us not to be greedy,” said Robert.
“I guess you are right. Let’s go home,” said Nikki

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    • Re: Beach HouseEvan, Sun Nov 26 8:09am
      I like how you were lost in the first 3 stanzas, but in the last stanza you found your beach house.
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