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The Harp
Fri Mar 9, 2018 1:37pm

By Olivia

“LOOK! LOOK AT THAT!!! It’s a harp!” James said.
“What’s a harp doing in the middle of the forest?” Jessica asked.
“I don’t know, but it’s beautiful.” Gleaming under a tree, the harp had bronze strings and a silver border. Slowly James and Jessica approached the harp. The closer they got, the louder the harp played. The music was delightful.
“This must be a trick,” said James. “I bet the harp is connected to a plug or battery.”
“You’re right. Let’s look around to see if there is a battery or plug.”
James and Jessica began to look around the forest. They looked behind trees, under leaves, near the stream, and by the bridge. They looked everywhere. They could not find anything that would explain how the harp was playing.
“I think we should look again,” said James. “Look in the trees. See if a person is hiding up in the trees. He could be using a remote control.”
Again, they looked, and again they found no one.
“Jessica, watch how the strings move,” said James.
“Yeah, that is weird.”
Both children stared in amazement. They were mesmerized by the harp. They listened to the harp play for about an hour. Suddenly, James’s watch went off.
“Jessica, I have to get home. It’s dinner time.”
“Me too. I’m hungry. But first, I have to touch the harp. I want to feel the strings.”
“I wouldn’t Jessica. You better leave the harp alone,” whispered James.
Jessica reached out her hand to touch the harp, but the harp disappeared. “Where did it go?” asked Jessica.
“I told you not to touch it,” said James. “We better go home. We can come back tomorrow.”
James and Jessica came to the forest every day, but the harp was never there again.

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