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Highway Man
Mon Apr 23, 2018 8:55am

Highway Man

I am a highway man
I fix highways
I only get $5 an hour
I can only buy potatoes
I feel like I get ignored

I wish I was a prince
So I can get fancy clothes
But that is impossible
To be a prince!

But if I were a prince
I would be greedy
And have no friends
I would also be mean

At least I have a job and have money
And I have a wife and 8 kids
If I was a prince

I would not have any children
And I only would care about myself
I should be thankful for everything

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    • Highway Man — Jayden , Mon Apr 23 8:55am
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    • Re: Two RoadsEvan, Sat Nov 18 7:37am
      I liked how you compared the roads.
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