Actual Danny Kaye song, or false memory?
Wed Mar 1, 2006 07:30 (XFF:

Okay, I am hoping someone out there can help me... There is a raging debate in my family regarding what may or may not be a snippet of music from a Danny Kaye movie (or TV show). My parents were Danny Kaye fans, and my mother for her own reasons often sings (and always has, in my memory) the following line when she says thank you - it goes like this:

"Thank you very much, thank you very very much, thank you very very very very much",
although it may also be:
"Thank you, thank you, very very much, thank you very very very very much"

Of course it's hard to describe music, but I'll try - the tune is sort of a simple ascending then descending tune, with an easy, lilting beat; it consists of a range of only maybe five notes - in fact, it kind of sounds like a warm-up that singers might use when they go up and down a few notes of a scale. It also somehow reminds me a bit of Gilbert & Sullivan.

I cannot find this song (well, it's probably not a full "song", probably more like a phrase in a larger musical work) or references to it ANYWHERE!! Web searches have only yielded a song from the 1970 "Scrooge" Movie, and a 1968 British hit by The Scaffold, both entitled "Thank you very much", neither of which is the song in question (although the Scaffold song is similar).

I believe it is entirely possible that this song does not even exist; I think perhaps my mother mis-remembered the Scaffold song (somehow thinking Danny Kaye sang it - maybe he did sing it in a TV appearance? but it would have been 1968 or later, did he do TV then?), and she sang it for my brothers & I - as far as I know she is our only first-hand reference point.

Interestingly enough, my older brother swears he has an actual memory of seeing footage of Danny Kaye singing the song in some movie or other (I know it's NOT The Court Jester, I checked the transcript); I proposed that this may in fact be a false memory, based on my mother's repeated singing, and telling us it was Danny Kaye.

My brother & I have indeed seen various Danny Kaye movies when we were kids, but I do not specifically remember seeing the song myself - it's possible my brother does, since he's a few years older. But I think the reason we know the quote is because my mother sings it quite often.

Of course, the most thorough method of finding out whether it's real or not would be to buy or rent every Danny Kaye musical, and watch each one looking for the snippet. If it comes to it, we will have to do that. (Although if it was a TV appearance, we may have no hope of finding it...)

I just thought maybe someone out there might know what I'm referring to right off the bat.

Help, please!?!

    • Re: Actual Danny Kaye song, or false memory?Anonymous, Thu Aug 21 02:37
      There was also a stage play that was televised in 1968 called "Two by Two", in which he played Noah, (the ark) and there was a song sung on a scaffold during the building scenes.
    • Re: Actual Danny Kaye song, or false memory?Anonymous, Thu Aug 21 02:33
      Check "Merry Andrew" or "Knock on Wood"
    • thank you very muchCindy, Thu Aug 31 21:53
      could be the song, THANK YOU VERY MUCH From : Scrooge On behalf of all the people who have assembled here I would merely like to mention, if I may That our unanimous attitude Is one of lasting... more
      • Re: thank you very muchMatt from Staten Island, Fri Sep 1 05:51
        Thanks for your suggestion (thank you very very much!), but I thoght of this song (also another song with the same phrase in it by "The Scaffold") - my mother insists these songs are not the source... more
        • danny kaye, thank you very muchBrett W Miller, Wed Jan 7 10:26
          I have a very similar memory. I saw Scrooge The Musical this past holiday season and thought, "Oh, they took that song from that Danny Kaye film I remember seeing when I was a kid." I could swear... more
        • thank you ...cindy, Sat Sep 2 18:11
          I vote with your Mother. There are things he did that are very memorable, even if very few others remember them. My sister-in-law and I watched a Danny Kaye movie way back when... that was the... more