Danny Kaye tells 6 stories from faraway places
Mon Mar 20, 2006 09:40 (XFF:

I'm trying to find a copy or the MP3's for this albumn I lost a bid on e-bay for it. You can down load the record jacket cover at this item # on E-bay 4849322733. Where did you find the MP3'3?

  • I was reading another post about this, the actual names of the stories are The most remarkable cat, the tale of the name of the tree,the farmer of babbia, the big oven, masters of all masters, nail... more
    • Danny Kaye mp3sPeter Vinet, Tue Dec 19 09:10
      Hi. I was doing a search for the Danny Kaye album "Danny Kaye tells 6 stories from Faraway places". Your post as well as a few others came up in Google. I would really love to get a copy of the mp3s. ... more
    • Stories from far away placesSteve, Tue Aug 8 07:08
      I have the album cover you requested. Do you have the mps' you could forward? Thanks Steve
      • Master of All MasterBrigid, Wed Aug 16 20:47
        Could I possibly get a copy of the MP3 of Master of all Master? I'd be the favorite child to my mother (there's 13 of us) if I could get her a copy of it? what you think? Brigid
    • Danny Kaye tells 6 stories from faraway places — Michael, Mon Mar 20 09:40