Danny Kaye song
Sat Mar 25, 2006 18:35 (XFF:

Anyone know of a Danny Kaye song on a children's record - lyrics something like, "Abba Dabba Hoo Hoo Ha"? DK sings it with a little girl - all about how when you have trouble, just sing the above and you'll feel better.

"If you stub your toe
or lose your dough
and things look kind of bad
Do you sit down in a corner
Do you cry the whole day long?
No, I sing myself a magic little song
It'll help alot when anything goes wrong...
Laugh it off and upsy-daisy
Abba Dabba Hoo Hoo Ha
Who cares what's the weather
Who cares what's the weather
Long as we're together
Abba Dabba Hoo Hoo Ha"

I'm looking for any recording of it, but especially on CD.


    • Danny Kaye Laugh It Off Upsy DaisyKip Martin, Fri Aug 15 16:40
      You want Danny Kaye For Children. There's one available at Amazon.com right now for 50 Cents. Posted 8/15/14
    • danny kayeterry, Sun Jun 12 01:51
      hearing some of his songs brought tears to my eyes as i remember them from my childhood!
    • Re: Danny Kaye songAnonymous, Sun Jan 23 02:19
      Hi, it used to be on Spotify but they took it off. One option is they have it on youtube so download the video from there.
    • Re: Danny Kaye songAnonymous, Tue Sep 14 14:14
      he sang it with his daughter dena.
    • Danny Kaye SongHeather, Tue Sep 1 19:50
      Hi, i have this song, recorded off a record (i think) its a little crackly, but i'm happy to send it to you :)
    • Danny Kaye songWayne, Fri Apr 14 05:53
      Kate, I was wondering about the same song myself. Here is some info which may help. I was once watching a documentary on WWI and that same song was being played as a march by a military band. So I am ... more
      • Found ItKate, Fri Apr 14 13:19
        I actually found this song - on a CD called "Danny Kaye for Children". It's a 1959 recording from MCA Records. I found it on Amazon from a third-party seller - good luck!
        • thanks!Anonymous, Tue Apr 18 07:55
          Thanks, Kate. Delightful song. I see now on amazon that others, including children's performers, have recorded the tune as well.