Danny Kaye song
Fri Apr 14, 2006 05:53 (XFF:

Kate, I was wondering about the same song myself. Here is some info which may help. I was once watching a documentary on WWI and that same song was being played as a march by a military band. So I am wondering if it was originally a British music hall song from the period. Danny did have a strong connection to the UK from his numerous appearance and recordings of similar songs. Let me know if you find anything re the tune.

  • Danny Kaye songKate, Sat Mar 25 18:35
    Anyone know of a Danny Kaye song on a children's record - lyrics something like, "Abba Dabba Hoo Hoo Ha"? DK sings it with a little girl - all about how when you have trouble, just sing the above and ... more
    • Danny Kaye Laugh It Off Upsy DaisyKip Martin, Fri Aug 15 16:40
      You want Danny Kaye For Children. There's one available at Amazon.com right now for 50 Cents. Posted 8/15/14
    • danny kayeterry, Sun Jun 12 01:51
      hearing some of his songs brought tears to my eyes as i remember them from my childhood!
    • Re: Danny Kaye songAnonymous, Sun Jan 23 02:19
      Hi, it used to be on Spotify but they took it off. One option is they have it on youtube so download the video from there.
    • Danny Kaye SongHeather, Tue Sep 1 19:50
      Hi, i have this song, recorded off a record (i think) its a little crackly, but i'm happy to send it to you :)
    • Danny Kaye song — Wayne, Fri Apr 14 05:53
      • Found ItKate, Fri Apr 14 13:19
        I actually found this song - on a CD called "Danny Kaye for Children". It's a 1959 recording from MCA Records. I found it on Amazon from a third-party seller - good luck!
        • thanks!Anonymous, Tue Apr 18 07:55
          Thanks, Kate. Delightful song. I see now on amazon that others, including children's performers, have recorded the tune as well.