Matt from Staten Island
Re: thank you very much
Fri Sep 1, 2006 05:51 (XFF:

Thanks for your suggestion (thank you very very much!), but I thoght of this song (also another song with the same phrase in it by "The Scaffold") - my mother insists these songs are not the source of the Danny quote she had in mind. So the mystery remains (I stil think my mother may be misremembering). Thanks again for your input!

  • thank you very muchCindy, Thu Aug 31 21:53
    could be the song, THANK YOU VERY MUCH From : Scrooge On behalf of all the people who have assembled here I would merely like to mention, if I may That our unanimous attitude Is one of lasting... more
    • Re: thank you very much — Matt from Staten Island, Fri Sep 1 05:51
      • danny kaye, thank you very muchBrett W Miller, Wed Jan 7 10:26
        I have a very similar memory. I saw Scrooge The Musical this past holiday season and thought, "Oh, they took that song from that Danny Kaye film I remember seeing when I was a kid." I could swear... more
      • thank you ...cindy, Sat Sep 2 18:11
        I vote with your Mother. There are things he did that are very memorable, even if very few others remember them. My sister-in-law and I watched a Danny Kaye movie way back when... that was the... more