Re: Actual Danny Kaye song, or false memory?
Thu Aug 21, 2008 02:33 (XFF:,,

Check "Merry Andrew" or "Knock on Wood"

  • Actual Danny Kaye song, or false memory?Matt from Staten Island, Wed Mar 1 07:30
    Okay, I am hoping someone out there can help me... There is a raging debate in my family regarding what may or may not be a snippet of music from a Danny Kaye movie (or TV show). My parents were... more
    • Re: Actual Danny Kaye song, or false memory?Anonymous, Thu Aug 21 02:37
      There was also a stage play that was televised in 1968 called "Two by Two", in which he played Noah, (the ark) and there was a song sung on a scaffold during the building scenes.
    • Re: Actual Danny Kaye song, or false memory? — Anonymous, Thu Aug 21 02:33
    • thank you very muchCindy, Thu Aug 31 21:53
      could be the song, THANK YOU VERY MUCH From : Scrooge On behalf of all the people who have assembled here I would merely like to mention, if I may That our unanimous attitude Is one of lasting... more
      • Re: thank you very muchMatt from Staten Island, Fri Sep 1 05:51
        Thanks for your suggestion (thank you very very much!), but I thoght of this song (also another song with the same phrase in it by "The Scaffold") - my mother insists these songs are not the source... more
        • danny kaye, thank you very muchBrett W Miller, Wed Jan 7 10:26
          I have a very similar memory. I saw Scrooge The Musical this past holiday season and thought, "Oh, they took that song from that Danny Kaye film I remember seeing when I was a kid." I could swear... more
        • thank you ...cindy, Sat Sep 2 18:11
          I vote with your Mother. There are things he did that are very memorable, even if very few others remember them. My sister-in-law and I watched a Danny Kaye movie way back when... that was the... more