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How to replace battery
Fri Jul 15, 2016 14:03

Hi, I refurbish and collect Polly Pockets. I have replaced the battery in this playset a few times. It is difficult to replace the battery. The interior top has to be separated from the outside shell. The glue that holds it in place is very difficult to cut through. I use a very sharp blade or exacto knife (being careful not to cut the playset or yourself). Once removed, be very careful not to break the wire connections to the speaker. The battery is removed and replaced. I then carefully remove the excess glue left behind with sand paper or a sharp blade and then fit the pieces back together and glue in place. Very time consuming but can be done. Hope this helps. :)

  • Hi, I have purchased vintage Nancy wedding polly pocket (pearl with music). Do you know how to replace the battery? Regards, Meg
    • How to replace battery — Janie, Fri Jul 15 14:03
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