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Changing the battery
Sun Dec 4, 2016 03:01

I would imagine the battery is under the bed, but how you would remove this I can't say as I don't have one to take a look at it. If you really do want to change the battery I would buy an old battered and or faded one just to take it apart to see if it's possible to do.

  • I haven't find a way to change the battery on polly pocket 93: Muical holidays chalet. I am afraid to broke it. Any idea or feedback are more than welcome ! Thank you so much in advance
    • Changing the battery — Kimmo, Sun Dec 4 03:01
      • thank youstephanie, Sun Dec 4 09:29
        I think also that it is under the bed but very difficult to access even after severals trials. As I am not sure, I am afraid to broke it as the one I have is in a really good conditions and complete. ... more
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