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Re: Little mermaid
Wed Dec 28, 2016 09:20

I found this on the internet at a site called "cuteminithings". The purchase of Bluebird by Mattel could explain the variations.
"Disney's Tiny Collection (also called Mini Collection) was made by the same company that made Polly Pocket and is very similar. Most often it is listed as 'Disney Polly Pocket'. Bluebird was later taken over by Mattel".

Also, I have noticed that the UK items often have a purple variation.
Hope this helps.

  • Little mermaid Hope, Tue Dec 27 17:15
    I recently acquired 2 little mermaid Ursula castle I believe is the name and they are two different colors Does anyone have an idea as of why and if one is rarer than the other
    • Re: Little mermaid — Janie, Wed Dec 28 09:20
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