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Selling Lot
Tue Jan 10, 2017 15:20

I have 11 playsets and I believe 18 or 19 dolls that I am selling. Not all the sets are 100% complete, some have most dolls, some are missing all, but over all the condition is fairly good considering the age. I have the following:
1990 Polly's school, Mr. Mark is included
1995 Splash N' Slide, Polly, Ben and Tilly is included
1992 Starlite Castle Playset with Polly included
1994 Rabbit House, Belinda bunny included
1992 Fast Food Resturant
1994 Elephant House with Polly included
1995 Childrens Hospital with Polly, Tawnie and Dusty included
1996 Surf n' Swim Island with the Island and hammock included
1994 Light up Kitty house, Polly, Kami Kitty, Kerry Kitty and Carla Kitty included
1994 Polly's Magnificient Mansion (missing the flags I believe.)
I also have a horse that I believe belongs to the 1994 magnificent mansion and there is also one extra polly that I dont think belongs with any of the above sets.
Anyone interested?? Make a realistic offer. I'd be shipping out of California.

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