Castle ID
Sun Oct 22, 2017 22:57

Is it bigger than the Cinderella polly castle? I have seen pink glitter castles the same as the polly pocket ones and always thought it was just a variation on the polly pocket one but not a blue one. Could beTrendmasters if it's bigger. Try taking a photo and Google search it with the photo.

  • Please help identify Anonymous, Sun Oct 22 02:27
    Hi I have found this Disney castle in my loft which I believe tonne polly pocket but I am unable to find not see it anywhere online to confirm. Can anyone shed some light on the piece I have? It's a... more
    • Re: Please help identify Anonymous, Sat Oct 6 01:55
      Sounds like a vintage crystal castle blue cloud hello kitty playset. Does it light up?
    • Disney castleJanie, Sun Oct 22 23:27
      I just bought one from ebay that sounds like the one you have. Does it have ink pads?
    • Castle ID — kimmo, Sun Oct 22 22:57
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