Re: Emerald city
Mon Nov 20, 2017 20:10

following this post. need to know also

  • Emerald citykimmo, Sun Oct 22 23:06
    Is the wizard of Oz emerald city a true polly pocket?
    • Wizard of Oz playsetjellybrains, Wed Mar 21 10:34
      This was designed by Origin Products who also designed all the early Polly Pockets. Bluebird took over the development and it was manufactured by them / Mattel under license.
    • Re: Emerald city — Anonymous, Mon Nov 20 20:10
      • Wizard of Oz setBarbara Evans, Wed Nov 29 06:58
        No, it is not a true Polly Pocket, just made in that style. Wizard of Oz set is made by Turner Entertainment vs vintage Polly Pockets which were made by Bluebird Toys.
        • WoOz setkimmo, Mon Feb 26 08:23
          Thanks Barb. It's packed away so I couldn't check it.
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