Fun Fair / Polly World 1989
Mon Apr 29, 2019 06:39 (XFF:

Hi there, I have the Polly Fun Fair aka Polly World from 1989. It's a square pink compact with a roller coaster, slide and spinning cat carts. I have the purple carriage that comes with it, but no doll. When I checked the online catalogue here, it says it comes with a Polly with balloons.... but the doll is marked as 1992. Does anyone know if the 1989 version also came with a Polly doll (with balloons) or not? Perhaps a different doll, or no doll at all? Any info much appreciated. Many thanks :)

    • Re: Fun Fair / Polly World 1989Niza, Tue May 7 18:41
      Hi Gabs! The doll with the balloons is the one that comes with the Polly world set, I can’t post pictures here but if you google “Polly World 1989” and scroll down a bit you’ll find a few pictures of ... more
      • Re: Fun Fair / Polly World 1989Gabs, Mon May 13 10:59
        Hi Niza, thank you so much for your message and the detailed info! That's really helpful : ) Many thanks again! x
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