Re: Identification needed
Tue Aug 13, 2019 23:39

I don't remember a nurse, but there was a vet/pet care set I think, it may be from there.

  • Identification neededJami Flaws, Tue Aug 13 12:11
    Hi! I am downsizing my 90s polly pocket duplicates. I need ID of two dolls 1. Can someone tell me what they are from? Maybe their names/year? I mostly have 1991,1993 & 1994. Two huge bins of my... more
    • Re: Identification needed — Anonymous, Tue Aug 13 23:39
      • Nurse Polly PocketAnonymous, Thu Aug 15 07:21
        I found your "nurse" that you were looking for on doll identifier - it's "Pixie" (from 1990 Polly's Hair Salon) brown hair parted in the middle in flip style, white dress, blue... more
        • Flower Girl, Pony Tail Polly with Lavender DressAnonymous, Thu Aug 15 07:40
          Found her! She is a Polly from the 1995 series - "Polly Pocket Polly Loves Kitty" - Pet Parade - Bluebird Toys. It's a Kitty Bracelet. The exterior is a Jewelry (bracelet with compact) - the center... more
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