Nurse Polly Pocket
Thu Aug 15, 2019 07:21

I found your "nurse" that you were looking for on doll identifier - it's "Pixie" (from 1990 Polly's Hair Salon) brown hair parted in the middle in flip style, white dress, blue cuffs, red dot on left side of chest, blue shoes and base. I'm going to see if I can find your other doll and respond if I do.

  • Re: Identification neededAnonymous, Tue Aug 13 23:39
    I don't remember a nurse, but there was a vet/pet care set I think, it may be from there.
    • Nurse Polly Pocket — Anonymous, Thu Aug 15 07:21
      • Flower Girl, Pony Tail Polly with Lavender DressAnonymous, Thu Aug 15 07:40
        Found her! She is a Polly from the 1995 series - "Polly Pocket Polly Loves Kitty" - Pet Parade - Bluebird Toys. It's a Kitty Bracelet. The exterior is a Jewelry (bracelet with compact) - the center... more
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