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I am a fag with a gut..
Tue Mar 6, 2018 7:36am

..therefore I must be a faggut!!!???

Right Roy???!!!

    • My uncle Roy has been abducted..Ricky (Roy's nephew), Tue Mar 6 10:31pm
      Yes, it was I who posted from my uncle's old computer a couple times, recently. There is more to my uncle Roy's work than we ever suspected. I have been instructed to not say anything more than this. ... more
      • this is the greatest news possible!megaterio, Wed Mar 7 1:34pm
        Thanks for the happy good news Ricky. I do hope they didn't implant that transponder anywhere painful on your uncle. Since you can't shred any more light on Roy's personal circumstances, then how... more
        • Mister MegaterioRicky (Roy's nephew), Wed Mar 7 8:15pm
          My uncle Roy was never with Mister Greco, but my uncle Roy did play in a band with a guy that was in Buddy Greco's band and I remember hearing many a story about his days with Mister... more
          • Mind Blownmegaterio, Wed Mar 7 11:02pm
            What a relief to hear your uncle Roy is alive. Maybe one day I'll yet get to play some music with him; I'm not far away I don't think.I don't want to discuss his highly sensitive research activities... more
            • correctionmegaterio, Wed Mar 7 11:04pm
              Ricky, that is. Not Ricking. Thanks again..
              • If Ricky is not Roy...B.A. Dass, Wed Mar 7 11:26pm
                ...does that make him a... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...a fauxgut???!!!
                • Mister DassRicky (Roy's nephew), Thu Mar 8 11:05am
                  My uncle Roy has always held you in a very high regard. We uncovered this recently. It was addressed to you: "I am a fag with a gut from Maine who is wearing a hat to protect his hair against the... more
                  • You...B.A. Dass, Thu Mar 8 10:53pm
                    ...right a lot???!!!
                  • Maybe...B.A. Dass, Thu Mar 8 3:13pm
                    ...Benicio Del Toro can make a movie about Roy's life up to the "visitation"???!!!
                  • *CorrectionRicky (Roy's nephew), Thu Mar 8 11:07am
                    "I am a fag with a gut from Maine who is wearing a hat to protect his hair against the moisture in low-hanging clouds, therefore I am a faggut wearing a faghat???!!!"
      • I knew...B.A. Dass, Tue Mar 6 11:01pm
        ...he wouldn't let us down???!!! When he comes back, he'll better rebuilt than what we dream of Matt Abbot????!!!
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