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Ricky (Roy's nephew)
My uncle Roy has been abducted..
Tue Mar 6, 2018 10:31pm

Yes, it was I who posted from my uncle's old computer a couple times, recently. There is more to my uncle Roy's work than we ever suspected. I have been instructed to not say anything more than this. We know he is alive due to the fact that he was implanted with a transponder....but we can't trace the anywhere on Earth.

I am confident that my uncle is okay because he and I have always had a kind of psychic connection.

I wish I could say more but I know that if my uncle Roy was here, he would want me to tell you that he thinks you're all faygots and that the gut is fagged and to blow him

Oh....and one other thing....


  • I am a fag with a gut..B.A.Dass, Tue Mar 6 7:36am
    ..therefore I must be a faggut!!!??? Right Roy???!!!
    • My uncle Roy has been abducted.. — Ricky (Roy's nephew), Tue Mar 6 10:31pm
      • this is the greatest news possible!megaterio, Wed Mar 7 1:34pm
        Thanks for the happy good news Ricky. I do hope they didn't implant that transponder anywhere painful on your uncle. Since you can't shred any more light on Roy's personal circumstances, then how... more
        • Mister MegaterioRicky (Roy's nephew), Wed Mar 7 8:15pm
          My uncle Roy was never with Mister Greco, but my uncle Roy did play in a band with a guy that was in Buddy Greco's band and I remember hearing many a story about his days with Mister... more
          • Mind Blownmegaterio, Wed Mar 7 11:02pm
            What a relief to hear your uncle Roy is alive. Maybe one day I'll yet get to play some music with him; I'm not far away I don't think.I don't want to discuss his highly sensitive research activities... more
            • correctionmegaterio, Wed Mar 7 11:04pm
              Ricky, that is. Not Ricking. Thanks again..
              • If Ricky is not Roy...B.A. Dass, Wed Mar 7 11:26pm
                ...does that make him a... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ...a fauxgut???!!!
                • Mister DassRicky (Roy's nephew), Thu Mar 8 11:05am
                  My uncle Roy has always held you in a very high regard. We uncovered this recently. It was addressed to you: "I am a fag with a gut from Maine who is wearing a hat to protect his hair against the... more
                  • You...B.A. Dass, Thu Mar 8 10:53pm
                    ...right a lot???!!!
                  • Maybe...B.A. Dass, Thu Mar 8 3:13pm
                    ...Benicio Del Toro can make a movie about Roy's life up to the "visitation"???!!!
                  • *CorrectionRicky (Roy's nephew), Thu Mar 8 11:07am
                    "I am a fag with a gut from Maine who is wearing a hat to protect his hair against the moisture in low-hanging clouds, therefore I am a faggut wearing a faghat???!!!"
                    • Question???!!!megaterio, Thu Mar 8 5:28pm
                      Does an award winning master of the contrabassoon recieve the prestigious fagototo???!!!
                    • WE JUST found this variant of that last line...Ricky (Roy's nephew), Thu Mar 8 11:09am
                      I am a fag with a gut from BOSTON who is wearing a hat to protect his hair against the moisture in low-hanging clouds, therefore I am wearing a faggut in a faghat???!!!" Thanks for your attention.... more
      • I knew...B.A. Dass, Tue Mar 6 11:01pm
        ...he wouldn't let us down???!!! When he comes back, he'll better rebuilt than what we dream of Matt Abbot????!!!
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