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A strong storm forecasted for northern California
Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:59am

Yes, the low pressure is too great for the weather geoengineering terrorist to completely stop. This might reach Santa Barbara, a big maybe, but not LA or San Diego, nor the parched Central Valley south of Sacramento. The weather terrorists have their chemtrails and transmitters in synch to work their magic producing highs and lows as suits the agenda. The summer, for once, was relatively free of the overt spraying, unlike so many horrific grunge skies of previous years. But this past week, our controllers returned with a vengence and the Frankenstein clouds and obvious microwave manipulation was back in full swing. They do this whenever a moisture field threatens to move into this area. It's so obvious. They cannot hide the correlation. And these God-wannabes don't care if you know so long as they do not have to be held legally accountable for the death and destruction that comes with meddling into and savaging the natural processes upon which we all depend for our sustenance and survival. We do need the rain that will end our normal Califirnia summer drought. We do not need the expected very unusual high winds (not seen since 1950), nor a deluge. Seeking to control the weather can only produce more and more out of control weather extremes. Climate change is caused more by the meddler's than co2. Their new mantra is "climate intervention." From 'global warming' to 'climate change' to 'climate intervention.' All served up on a platter of "for the good" nice and linear. Of course these freaks will not tell the population they and their programs have been screwing us over with toxins and deteriorating weather for the past 70 years, patents, programs, intentions, and the overhead realities referred to by the scientific community as GEOENGINEERING.

    • Weather update/geoengineering at full boreBlather, Wed Oct 12 2:06pm
      Yes, I think we might get rain. But not the southern region. The incoming clouds are being aerosols do big time on the leading edge. The edge moves south southeast and the weather terrorist follow... more
      • mendopill@yahoo.netBlather, Fri Oct 14 10:20am
        A furious stormed moved into Northern California last night. Wind and buckets of rain. I think it poured 2.5 inches. Two low pressure systems conjoined, which is kinda weird. My guess is the weather... more
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