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Should self driving cars be able to drive too fast?
Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:15pm

Self driving cars are improving. Soon they will be proven safer than human drivers. Soon a self driving car going over the speed limit will be safer than a human driver at the same speed.

Then should a self driving car be able to go double the speed limit if the human tells it to, since it would still be safer than a human driver at the same speed?

    • No more autonomy!Blather, Fri Oct 14 10:10am
      You either do exactly as the computer dictates or you will be removed. Everyone must be homogenized, no exceptions. We will be acclimated to having no choices. What is good for one is "good" for all, ... more
    • No.PureStevil, Fri Oct 14 8:39am
      An SAE Level 4 and SAE Level 5 autonomous vehicle should obey the rules of the road. Additionally, faster travel is less energy efficient.
    • Here is why: Believe it or not, the death rate per hundred million vehicle miles in the USA is 1. That is, there is only ONE death per one hundred million vehicle miles. That is how good human... more
      • CorrectionsPureStevil, Fri Oct 14 8:30am
        NHSTA 2015 statistics have 1.12 Deaths per 100M miles. The Tesla "autopilot" system has driven over 222M miles with the single attributable fatality. And as Sprout says (and Tesla says as well) the... more
      • A problem with your numbers....Sprout, Thu Oct 13 5:51am
        The one death you are attributing to a "self-driving" car was not in fact a self-driving car. Essentially it was merely adaptive cruise control.
    • What is "too fast"?Sprout, Wed Oct 12 2:13pm
      One sci-fi novel I read talked about some automated roadways that grouped vehicles by capability/performance and put them into auto-controlled drafting packs for efficiency... So, in the right lane... more
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