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Is it moral to secretly record private conversations?
Wed Oct 12, 2016 1:30pm

How moral is to try to get someone to say embarrassing and inappropriate things in private, then save the recording and wait until the person is running for a public office, then release the recording because you don't like the person?

"In twelve states, no person may record a private communication without the consent of every party to that communication. "

    • Hi Ken, I sometimes receive telephone solicitations in which the caller gives me the business name and then informs me that it's "on a recorded line". My first and usually only response is I do not... more
      • KWyome, Thu Oct 13 9:24pm
        is this that same kw , i use to talk to on here ?
        • Hey Yomekw, Fri Oct 14 3:04am
          Yes, I am the same kw. I hope all is well with you. : )
      • Oh yeah. I forgot to bring up this incomplete thought about not respecting or violating the law. Swift Justice I think I see justice for what it (really) is. Is justice after-the-fact? Or is justice... more
    • evidence of felonies. If somebody threatens me, I should have the legal right to record the threat without his knowledge or consent, even without a court order. That is common sense. It is part of... more
      • Agreed (nm)Blather, Thu Oct 13 7:07am
      • Was it posted "by the Democratic Party"?Ken C, Wed Oct 12 9:25pm
        The tape was obviously made by Billy Bush. Billy Bush is first cousins with former Florida governor Jeb Bush, who was favored to win the Republican nomination before Trump came along and started... more
        • It does not matter WHO published it.DFM, Wed Oct 12 10:37pm
          It is PRIVATE information and should not be made public unless as evidence for a felony. Its publication is an invasion of Trump's privacy. DFM
          • AgreedBlather, Thu Oct 13 7:13am
            I do wonder the role, if any, played by the House of B-usher in the release. They certainly were and are mad as hell about The Donald trashing their dynasty ambitions. They ought to be pissed at Baby ... more
          • many of whom have had unwanted pictures, recordings etc. brought to the public eye. He's a public figure. He's purposefully baiting people.
            • Publication of nude photos of movie stars, etc, etc, without their permission is a gross violation of their rights. I again assert that publication of privately recorded information except for the... more
    • ...and is never made public in any way, sans permission. In other words, only for one's own purposes of having a record of what's said. Most people aren't able to remember longer conversations. But... more
    • No it us absolutely perverted and immoralBlather, Wed Oct 12 1:45pm
      Which is why this computer eavesdropping era is so dangerous, and puts the power of King maker into dirty hand like the NSA, Verizon, FBI, CIA, local Cops, and scanner snoops. These freaks believe... more
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