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Oh brother....Dylan and the Nobel
Thu Oct 13, 2016 10:14am

What can one expect. Obama has a peace prize and is a war monger and drone murderer. Dylan wrote nonsensical lyrics suitable for his time's acid-derived youth rebellion, and idolized as so brilliant, when in reality it was some of the most subjective babble ever written that said much of nothing to so many who believed in another baloney-fed contrivance, that too was propagandized as a "hope and change." Hope springs eternal but chump change is what has been achieved for all his Dylanesque con-artistry. And Obama's circus act has earned him a place in the Marionette Hall of Fame. I just recently watched a documentary of Dylan's life, his early years, his New York City formative years, and about his dream to basically out-woody Woody Guthrie. This was a driven individual who simply wanted to be on stage, to perform, to be a singer. He typed out non-sensical short prose-style disconnects in a rambling burst of timely imagery that everyone dumb enough actually accepted as saying some great classic truth about the human conundrum of the Babylonian 1960s. And that era began what is today not art but profit centers whipping up advertised enthusiasm for artistic mediocrity. The most I can say about his genuinality is at least he was not marketed for his looks unless one cares to suggest his facial uniqueness and unpleasant persona. And it is certain were he to run for national puppet, Lay Lady Lay, lay across my big ass bed (brass bed), would be pounced on by an opposing string player as evidence of utter moral corruption. Bit, I digress....there is no way in hell this Nobel Prize in Literature should go to an illiterate! But, the chorus of misguided accolades love their acid-memories, and bell-bottomed salvation for humanity, dreams since shown to be unmoneyed naivety. They need this prize more than humble cantankerous Bob. And as a side note, if he accepts, these Scandalnevians had better prepare for rudeness and puzzlement, the kind he seemed to smirkingly relish upon the media back in his day.

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