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Blacks for Trump?
Fri Oct 14, 2016 7:03am


Trump wanted to make sure everyone saw the sign.

Notice that the poster also promotes GODS2.COM?

Donald Trump Hoists Fringe Religious Group’s Sign At Rally

As it turns out, is the website of a religious movement that focuses on issues such as “Rockerfeller is Nimrod King of The Canaanites & SAUD The King Of The Ishmaelites Masonic Illuminati Trilateralist Big Banks KKK.”

The group’s homepage shows a picture that it claims shows Hillary Clinton in blackface (it doesn’t) and the late Sen. Robert Byrd in Ku Klux Klan robes (also false), along with praise for a man named “Prince Michael Symonette.”

“He has several websites, including and,, and, all of which promote his book, ‘written primarily to show the BLACK MAN, and the WORLD the true source of their problem, 33% of the BLACK WOMEN of AMERICA (BABYLON),’” write Jocelyn Fong and Solange Uwimana of Media Matters. “The cover of the book declares that Oprah Winfrey is ‘the devil’ and ‘Obama is the beast 666, given power by the dragon (serpent), Oprah.’”

They should feel right at home at a Trump rally.

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