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Yesterday's National Security Meeting at the Nut House
Sat Oct 15, 2016 6:51am

Anyone yet know the decisions made Friday at the White House regarding Babylon's plans in Syria versus Gog's intent to maintain Assad in power versus Babylon's support of ISIS? While the ridiculous tawdry 3 ring circus known as the election has the nation's attention, a nuclear Holocaust looms like never before. The situation is far far and away more unstable than the Cuban Missle Crisis. And that occurred when Babylon had a Constitutional President, not a marionette put up 3rd string fraud. Alas, a true statesman was blown away by that which today pulls the strings and makes the puppet dance and sing about "hope and change." The "change" is a far more dangerous world, a Babylon corrupt and confused, and losing hope by the hour. Meanwhile, Gog has called for the immediate return of students and personnel from around the world, has gone through civil defense drills mandatory for 40 million of its citizenry, has opened up its fallout shelters and alerted citizenry to know where their closest shelter is located. Indeed, GOG TV And assorted media have informed the Gogites that nuclear war is a real possibility and to prepare. What has Babylon done for the Babylites? Absolutely zero! There are no functioning fallout shelters, no civil defense preperations except for the elite (paid for with your tax dollars) who have gargantuan underground bunkers peppered around DC and other regions of the nation. There are no media MSM discussions or debates about the real probability of a nuclear war with Gog. No, we are distracted by a election season not about real genuine issues of life and death, or infinite war, or abysmal corruption, no, we are treated full bore with two candidates slinging shite at one another. Unless saner minds can grab hold of the microphones and sound the alarm about the dire situation in Syria, Babylon and all who reside on her "many waters" will be toast.

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